Nutritional Care

Digestive Disorders

Nutritional Care

Good, timely nutrition is essential when normal digestion is disrupted.
The approach to specialized nutrition support is to use the gut whenever it works and allow the child to eat normally by mouth as long as it is safe. For many children, their diagnosis demands for them to take a high calorie diet to support their growth, and yet they may be unable to meet these nutritional requirements. Supplements by mouth are used to increase their nutrition and calories.

Due to difficulties with the digestive system, sometimes nutrition must be given in ways that do not involve normal ways of eating. These methods include specialized nutrition and nutrition by the vein. In order to ensure minimal disruption to growth and development, infants and young children must be supported by these methods especially when serious and prolonged digestive complications arise.

Specialized nutrition support This method of nutrition support involves a small tube inserted into the nose or the mouth and ending in either the stomach or portion of the small intestine (NG/OGNJ tubes). These tubes are used short term. Gastrostomy tubes (G-tubes) are placed directly into the stomach and are recommended when long-term nutrition support is needed.

Nutrition by the vein: Another way to provide nutrition to the body is through the vein. Intravenous medicines and nutrients are supplied through a small soft tube called a catheter in the vein which can be at different locations on the body. Nutrition delivered in this way can be either short term or long term.

Lifestyle and diet play important roles in good nutrition.
Digestive disorders and conditions may require changes or additions to your child's diet, activities, and parent supervision. It is more about making sure your child has sufficient high-quality nutrition than it is about limiting or restricting diet and lifestyle, although some restrictions may be necessary for overall health reasons. The body, especially while developing, requires high quality sources of food, vitamins, and other substances to grow into adulthood. Genetic factors or physical conditions may affect the body's ability to use nutrition properly. Our goal at Children's Gastroenterology, MCSG is to partner with you to provide advice and expertise regarding all areas of your child's health.

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